Robert Scheer

Above the Fold

Robert Scheer – Above the Fold is a feature length documentary film about activist and journalist Scheer.  The film underscores his unrelenting quest for the truth in any story he reports and charts the shifts in journalistic practice and platforms.

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Best known for his eight years on M*A*S*H and five seasons on “Providence,” actor Mike Farrell is also a writer, director and producer. He has produced six films, four for television and two features, “Dominick and Eugene” and “Patch Adams”, and a documentary, “Citizen; The Political Life of Allard K. Lowenstein”.

A social and political activist for over four decades, Farrell has served on human rights and peace delegations to Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, U.S.S.R., Paraguay, Chile, Israel, the Occupied Territories, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Czechoslovakia, Somalia, Kenya, Croatia, Bosnia, Cuba, Rwanda, Zaire, Tanzania, Mexico and Costa Rica. Prior to the invasion of Iraq, he co-founded Artists United to Win Without War.

He is today Co-Chair Emeritus of the Southern California Committee of Human Rights Watch, spokesperson for Concern America – an international refugee aid and relief group – and, as president of Death Penalty Focus since 1994, has “visited too many death rows.” As part of an international effort to achieve a worldwide end to the death penalty, he continues to speak, debate, write and coordinate efforts to stop executions at home and abroad.  

Farrell is the author of two books: “Just Call Me Mike: A Journey to Actor and Activist,” and “Of Mule and Man.”

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